iTunes makes it fun and easy to organize and play your favorite music.
Now, you can also add educational recordings from HEC Paris to your iTunes library.
From there, you'll be able to create custom playlists, sync to your iPod, burn CDs, or even share your HEC Paris-related content with others on your network.

Ready. Set. Get started in four simple steps:

Go to www.apple.com/itunes/ and download iTunes for either Macintosh or Windows. For a better experience download version 9.x.

Double click on the downloaded Installer file and follow the instructions provided.

Restart your computer if you needed.

Select 'iTunes U' directly on the tab or, if you have a version prior to 9, find it within the iTunes Store to find HEC Paris. You can also click directly on this link. For more help using iTunes tips page available from Apple.

Find it. Get Organized. Here are some helpful tips:

Every track you download from HEC Paris on iTunes U is automatically added to iTunes U. You can easly find podcast published by HEC Paris. You can also create your own custom playlists with just the tracks that you want, arranged in the order you'd like.